rixos premium dubrovnik

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik is a luxurious beachfront resort in Croatia. It sits on the beautiful Adriatic coast. This resort is in the heart of Dubrovnik, a historic city. It mixes modern comforts with traditional Croatian style. This blend creates a rich and elegant feel. Guests here enjoy top-notch rooms, dining, and lots of things to do. And they get to soak in the stunning views all around.

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Key Takeaways

  • Luxurious beachfront resort on the Adriatic coast of Croatia
  • All-inclusive resort combining modern amenities with traditional Croatian elegance
  • Offers lavish accommodations, world-class dining, and a wealth of on-site amenities
  • Situated in the heart of the historic city of Dubrovnik
  • Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik: A Luxurious Escape

The Rixos Premium Dubrovnik is a perfect getaway on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. It sits right in Dubrovnik’s historic center, with a stunning view and access to a beautiful beach. The area’s beauty has been luring visitors for centuries.

Discover the Allure of Croatia’s Adriatic Coast

The Adriatic coast of Croatia is known for its breathtaking views and rich history. The Rixos Premium Dubrovnik lets its guests explore these wonders, making their stay unforgettable.

Unparalleled Amenities and World-Class Service

The Rixos Premium Dubrovnik is dedicated to offering a top-notch experience. It provides outstanding facilities and service that meets the needs of luxury travelers.

Luxurious Accommodations and Suite Dreams

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik offers top-notch comfort and luxury. Their rixos premium dubrovnik rooms have everything you need for a good night’s sleep. They’re designed with fine bedding, modern furniture, and latest amenities.

Indulgent Suites with Breathtaking Views

If you want more, check out the dubrovnik beach hotels suites. They have stunning views of the Adriatic Sea, plus private balconies. You’ll enjoy a range of luxury amenities in these elegantly designed spaces. They’re perfect for people who value elegance and comfort.

Room Type Features View
Standard Room Plush bedding, modern amenities, high-end furnishings Garden or city view
Deluxe Room Larger floor plan, private balcony, additional living space Partial Adriatic Sea view
Premium Suite Spacious layout, separate living and sleeping areas, luxurious bath Breathtaking Adriatic Sea view
Presidential Suite Expansive living space, private terrace, dedicated butler service Panoramic Adriatic Sea view

No matter what you’re looking for – a cozy spot or a luxurious escape, Rixos Premium Dubrovnik has it all. Your stay at this all-inclusive dubrovnik hotels will be a fantastic, unforgettable experience.

Culinary Delights at Rixos Premium Dubrovnik

The food scene at Rixos Premium Dubrovnik is something special. Guests can enjoy meals from Croatia and around the world. There’s something for everyone, from fancy dining to relaxed bites by the pool. Every meal is prepared with great care so that guests love what they eat.

Savor the Flavors of Croatia and Beyond

Skilled chefs at the resort mix old Croatian recipes with new cooking styles. This creates meals that show off the Adriatic coast’s food history. Guests will taste why Croatian meals are loved worldwide. Plus, they get to enjoy beautiful views of rixos premium dubrovnik and the area with croatian resort vacations.

Exquisite Dining Experiences for Every Occasion

No matter the event, this resort has the perfect dining spot. You can choose from a fancy dinner for two, a fun meal with family, or a business meeting. The food team at Rixos Premium Dubrovnik makes sure each experience is tailored to your needs. You’ll have a memorable time at this all-inclusive dubrovnik hotels.

Rejuvenate Body and Mind

At Rixos Premium Dubrovnik, guests can experience a life-changing wellness retreat. The resort’s spa and fitness center are top-notch. They offer many treatments and activities for both the body and mind.

Enjoy comforting massages and energizing exercise classes. These activities act as a peaceful escape in the beautiful Dubrovnik resorts.

At the luxury hotel Dubrovnik, guests dive into relaxation. They choose from a wide array of spa and wellness services to fit their needs.

Have a calming body treatment, freshen up with a facial, or join yoga and meditation. The experts at the resort are committed to making your spa time deeply rewarding. Every session aims to renew your body and mind.

Not just about the spa, Rixos Premium Dubrovnik also has a modern gym. It’s packed with the latest gear and offers different workout styles.

Guests can keep up with their fitness or try something new. Rixos focuses on overall health, welcoming all to join in.

Join Rixos Premium Dubrovnik for an unmatched blend of luxury, peace, and health. Your visit will refresh and uplift you. Then, you’re ready to explore the magic of the Dubrovnik resorts.

rixos premium dubrovnik

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik brings together Croatia’s rich culture with new luxurious experiences. Its design honors tradition but adds the latest features. It creates a unique space for those looking for something special.

Embrace the Essence of Luxury

Every corner of the rixos premium dubrovnik speaks of elegance and class, from the stylish entrance to the well-kept gardens. The resort is all about top-notch luxury. It shines through in every little detail, from the comfy furniture to the flawless customer care.

Where Tradition Meets Modern Indulgence

The rixos premium hotels are famous for marrying old-world warmth with new conveniences. At the luxury hotel dubrovnik, this mix is just right. You get to enjoy a lavish stay that’s also true to the local way of life.

Explore the Wonders of Dubrovnik

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik is right next to the amazing city of Dubrovnik. This city is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its beautiful old buildings and lovely Old Town. It’s a special place to explore the culture and history, including the famous walls. Many travelers love to visit Dubrovnik to see its hidden gems.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site on Your Doorstep

Walking down the Old Town’s narrow, stone streets will feel like you’re in the past. Dubrovnik has very old buildings and walls that are still mostly there. These show how rich Dubrovnik’s history is and give you a chance to see its beauty up close.

Discover Croatia’s Rich Cultural Heritage

Dubrovnik’s culture is also worth exploring. The city has museums, galleries, and old places to see, like the Rector’s Palace and the Franciscan Monastery. These places share the story of Croatia’s history and its lively culture today.

Explore Dubrovnik

Weddings and Events at Rixos Premium Dubrovnik

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik is ideal for big celebrations and events. It’s great for weddings, corporate events, or any special day. The resort has a top-notch team and facilities. They make sure everything is perfect.

Create Unforgettable Memories

The dubrovnik resorts are stunning, especially for events like weddings. They have beautiful beach areas and fancy ballrooms. These places are perfect for making lifelong memories. The resort sits on a lovely croatian resort vacations backdrop. It’s a dreamy spot for celebrating love, success, and important times.

Family Vacations in Paradise

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik is perfect for family getaways. It offers many fun things to do and places to relax. The resort has its own beach and pools, plus lots of things for kids and parents to enjoy together. Kids have their own fun areas, which lets parents have some time to themselves. Everyone makes great memories surrounded by beautiful nature.

Endless Fun and Adventures for All Ages

This place is a dreamland of fun for families. The children’s club offers cool activities for kids. From making art to playing games and doing fun stuff outside, every kid finds something special. It’s a place where kids feel excited and safe while having fun.

Parents also have plenty to enjoy. They can relax at the pools, work out, or get pampered at the spa. There’s also time for romantic moments like watching the sunset together. The whole family can end the day with fun like live music or movies under the night sky.

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik mixes luxury with being family-friendly perfectly. It’s a great place for a memorable Adriatic coast family trip in Croatia.

Sustainable Luxury at Its Finest

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik takes luxury to a sustainable level. It combines top-notch guest experiences with caring for the Earth. The resort uses renewable energy, manages waste well, and protects the area’s natural beauty. This means the stunning Adriatic coast stays beautiful for those who come after us.

Eco-Friendly Practices and Social Responsibility

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik is big on helping the local community. It works with local groups and uses nearby suppliers, making sure tourism’s benefits reach everyone. This approach shows their deep care for both guests and the places they visit.

This resort redefines luxury by being eco-friendly and socially responsible. Guests can enjoy the best amenities guilt-free, knowing their stay helps the community and environment. Rixos’ dedication to sustainability speaks volumes about their vision for a better tomorrow for all.

Unwind in Tranquil Surroundings

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik is a peaceful escape for its guests. They can relax in the resort’s beautiful gardens and quiet corners. This rixos premium dubrovnik lets people find peace and reconnect in its serene dubrovnik resorts environment.

Serene Spaces for Relaxation and Reflection

The luxury hotel dubrovnik at Rixos Premium Dubrovnik is a quiet place to recharge. Its gardens and courtyards are perfect for a moment of calm thought. Everywhere you look, there’s a feeling of peace and wellness.

Here, guests can enjoy a soothing massage or simply relax with a book. The resort mixes modern style with classic beauty. This creates a perfect spot for a break from the hustle of daily life. It invites visitors to enjoy the tranquility of this dubrovnik resorts haven.

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Elevate Your Stay with Exclusive Privileges

At Rixos Premium Dubrovnik, we offer our guests the chance to enhance their stay. We provide exclusive benefits and specialized services. This includes help from our concierge team and VIP entry to our various amenities. Everything we offer is tailored to meet the needs and wants of our valued guests.

The rixos premium dubrovnik provides unique perks to make your stay unforgettable. Enjoy services tailored just for you, like getting a private ride or tickets to local attractions. Plus, get special access to our top-quality dining, wellness, and leisure spots, only at rixos premium hotels.

Looking for the best in all-inclusive luxury? The all-inclusive dubrovnik hotels at Rixos Premium Dubrovnik are perfect for you. Dive into our superior services without extra worry. This lets you fully enjoy the beauty of Croatia and make lasting memories.

Exclusive Privileges Description
Personalized Concierge Services Dedicated team members to assist with custom requests, from transportation to local experiences
VIP Access to Resort Amenities Priority reservations and exclusive experiences at the resort’s dining, wellness, and recreational facilities
All-Inclusive Luxury Comprehensive package that covers accommodations, dining, activities, and more, allowing guests to indulge in the resort’s offerings without additional costs

Impeccable Service, Uncompromising Quality

A Commitment to Excellence

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik shines for its top-notch service and quality. The team works hard to make sure every guest feels special. They always go the extra mile. The service is marked by personal touches and a drive for perfection. This makes everyone’s visit outstanding from start to finish.

This luxury hotel puts guest needs first. The staff is trained to see to every visitor’s personal likes and wants. They make each stay memorable. From private tours to easy check-ins, the team at Rixos Premium Hotels makes luxury hospitality the norm.

Excellence is the standard at Rixos Premium Dubrovnik. The care for guests shows in everything from spotless rooms to outstanding meals. The resort is all about making each visit unforgettable. Even after leaving, guests remember an experience like no other.

rixos premium dubrovnik


Rixos Premium Dubrovnik shines as a special spot on the beautiful Adriatic coast of Croatia. This place offers a luxurious break that’s unmatched. It has top-notch service, fancy rooms, great food, and amazing extras. All this makes it a perfect mix of Croatia‘s old culture and new comforts.

It’s perfect for a romantic trip, a family break, or a special event. Rixos Premium Dubrovnik is where you find the best in luxury and service. Located in the heart of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO treasure, it’s big on being green and giving back. The resort is all about grace and amazing experiences.

Looking for the best luxury hotel stay? Rixos Premium Dubrovnik really stands out among dubrovnik resorts and all-inclusive dubrovnik hotels. Here, guests can bask in the bright dubrovnik beach hotels or dive into the area’s deep culture. Staying at this top rixos premium hotel makes every moment special in dubrovnik holiday packages.

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